Milford Sound, New Zealand. – Mitre Peak is the iconic landmark of Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park, South Island of New Zealand, the most spectacular natural attraction in New Zealand.

Nature Conserved

We are facing a global nature crisis. Conserving the world’s biodiversity is crucial to sustaining all life on Earth, including our own.  

In response to this crisis, we provide knowledge and capacity to ensure that policy, legal and planning frameworks are in place and are being effectively implemented to achieve conservation benefits for species, for areas of land and sea, and for the people that depend on them. This is key to scaling up progress to meet ambitious global area-based, connectivity and species conservation targets.   

We also work to equip governments with the knowledge, tools and capacity needed to assess and improve the sustainability of international wildlife trade. This information is used by decision-makers to improve the outcomes for both species and ecosystems.   

Across all sectors and scales, we strive to make knowledge on the state of biodiversity and its threats accessible and ensure it is driving better decision-making, creating positive change for nature.