Webinar Series: Traceability in food supply chains

  • 13 Sep 23
  • 23 Oct 23
  • Zoom

An industry-wide challenge that could unlock resource optimisation, cost-effective regulatory compliance and reliable sustainability claims.

Series of online workshops to explore the business case, the existing context, gaps, challenges and required action for enhanced traceability in the food supply chains.

September and October 2023

With increasing pressure from a range of stakeholders (e.g. the finance sector, NGOs and consumers) to share information about sourcing, the reputational and financial risks for companies not meeting these demands can be large.

Effective supply chain traceability provides a documented trail of each product, its history, ingredients and quality. This traceability data help companies to claim and prove that their products meet certain sustainability standards and comply specific regulations.

Research conducted as part of the Trade Hub found that the transition to traceable supply chains is slow and that there is no industry alignment in terms of traceability technologies and data format. Multistakeholder action is considered key both at the sectorial and corporate levels, and top management leadership is essential for effective implementation. Additionally, consuming and producing countries have the opportunity to collaborate in designing aligned traceability solutions that support critical actors (particularly vulnerable farmers) and enhance the resiliency and sustainability of their food industries.

WWF and the Trade Hub are delighted to invite you to join this series of workshops addressed to the private and public sectors to review and discuss the existing context in the food traceability space with the aim of identifying concrete action and responsibilities to enable supply chain transparency. The focus of this series will be on the traceability of key agricultural supply chains for the Chinese Market (soy, beef and palm oil). By bringing together diverse perspectives, we aim to foster interdisciplinary dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

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