Trade and Nature: Trade-offs and Solutions – Leveraging Trade Agreements to address biodiversity impacts caused by agricultural expansion

Tractor spraying pesticides at  soy bean fields
  • 08 Jul 22
  • Zoom
  • 12:00 BST

This presentation will focus on the extent to which trade agreements can be leveraged as a mechanism to address deforestation, biodiversity loss – and other negative biodiversity impacts – generated by global demand in agricultural commodities. It will also provide recommendations on how to strengthen the link between trade agreements and mitigate negative biodiversity impacts caused by agricultural expansion through trade.

Speaker: Colette van der Ven, Founding Director, TULIP Consulting

The TRADE Hub international webinar series aims to disseminate the project’s key findings under certain key themes to a wider audience and to provide a discussion platform with key stakeholders worldwide.

Objectives of the webinar series
• To identify and share case studies from our focal countries, emphasising gaps in understanding trade and it’s social and environmental implications, and how these are being addressed within the TRADE Hub
• To present recent findings and methods of the project
• To clarify the boundaries of the intractable challenge that the TRADE Hub is addressing, and demonstrate how we have created impact, and the plans to continue building on this impact